Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care in the Parish

Pastoral care is the active showing of Christian concern for each other and covers a very wide range of activities and situations. It might include such things as providing a listening ear to the sad, depressed and lonely; it might involve giving practical advice and help to people in a range of situations, including bereavement, illness and unemployment. In short, it is about expressing the love of Jesus Christ to each other and, as such, is the concern of all Christian people. At some stage in our lives, we all need to receive pastoral care; but we will also be providers of this care, too - even if it is merely by listening to someone who has a burning need to express what is concerning them at a given point in their life!

The Vicar is responsible for the provision of pastoral care in the parish and is always available to talk to, in confidence, about any matter. It is best to make an appointment, either in person or by phone/email, should you wish to talk to him. However, in a parish of this size, it is impossible for him to provide such pastoral care alone and nor would it be desirable. It is because of this that the parish has established a Pastoral Group, which helps provide a friendly ‘listening ear’ for those who wish it. It is made up of volunteers who have received some training and are CRB checked. They are available to make home visits on an agreed schedule to those who make such a request. In the first instance, this request can be made either directly to the Parish Office or to the Vicar, who will pass it on.

Please fill in and return a Pastoral Visit Request form.