More information on Funerals in our Churches

The death of a loved one is always a time for sorrow and grief. This is entirely natural and it is right that we can express our sadness at such a separation, especially if the circumstances have been tragic or the deceased has been relatively young. A funeral allows us to say goodbye, to express our sorrow in a public manner and also to share memories and express thanks for the life of the person we have loved. In a Christian context, a funeral allows us the opportunity to commend the departed person to the care of our loving Father. The resurrection of Jesus Christ shows us that it is life, not death, which has the last word. We can therefore pray for our dead, trusting in God for their wellbeing and having hope that we will be reunited with them in God’s heavenly kingdom.

In the event of a family death, your undertaker will contact the parish priest and he will arrange to meet to discuss the details of the funeral. The priest is also here to provide pastoral care in these difficult times and will always be available to listen, to pray and to provide support for the bereaved.

When someone is dying, the vicar can be contacted in order that he may be available to pray with the patient and the family, to bring the sacraments to the dying person and to be of whatever support he can be.

You may like to make your wishes known by filling in, and returning, a My Funeral Arrangements Form.

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