More information on Weddings in our Churches

In this parish, we are always ready to help men and women join together in marriage, to enable them to mark this most important of life’s events in a suitable and celebratory fashion.

We welcome all people who are legally entitled to marry in our churches, whether or not they are members of the Church community; attendance at church is not a requirement for marriage, though you will be made very welcome should you decide to come along!

We do our very best to help you make your special day truly memorable and very special. Although there are certain legal requirements in a wedding service, we do our best to help you customize your wedding service to make it a truly personal event.

Any couple considering marriage in the parish should, in the first instance, contact the office or the Vicar directly. Most people are married under a simple device known as ’Banns‘, which means a licence is not required. The Vicar will be very happy to discuss this with you and guide you through the legal processes.

Read more about Weddings on the Church of England website.