St Francis Memorial Garden

Details of the memorial garden in the grounds of St Francis Church

The St Francis Church Memorial Garden is dedicated to the Greater Glory of God and to the memories of those who have gone before us. It is the final resting place for the cremated remains of all resident parishioners, their families, and others for whom it is appropriate. It is a place of peace and repose, natural beauty and atmosphere for all who wish to visit it, and may be used in a variety of Parish gatherings, when it may be a place of praise, joy, conversation and even laughter.

Burial in the Memorial Garden will only be done by the clergy using the Rites of the Church of England. Arrangements should be made with the Vicar and Parish Office well before the required date of burial. As with all of St Francis’ Church property, use of the Memorial Garden will be at the discretion of the Vicar and Churchwardens and the approval of the Parochial Church Council.

In accordance with guidelines from the Diocese, cremated remains will be buried without containers in the approved areas of the Garden. This is done by the cremated remains being poured directly into the ground, thus the ashes become a permanent part of the garden, and may not be recovered.

The location of remains will be recorded in the details held by the Parish Office but are not visibly marked. There are five sections of the Memorial Garden clearly marked, namely:

• St Francis of Assisi section.
• St Clare of Assisi section.
• St Chad of Lichfield section.
• St Matthew the Apostle section.
• Our Lady of Walsingham section.

You can choose the section you require by ticking the relevant box in the application form. The names of those whose cremated remains are in the garden will be entered in a Memorial Book, which will be in a locked bookcase located within St Francis Church. The book will be open on the relevant date each year.

Please feel free to visit as often you feel the need, to pray, be still and reflect.

Application forms are available from the Benefice Office.

Memorial Garden
Memorial Garden Memorial Garden Memorial Garden Memorial Garden Memorial Garden
Memorial Garden
Memorial Garden St Francis Section Memorial Garden St Clare Section Memorial Garden St Chad Section Memorial Garden St Matthew Section Memorial Garden Our Lady of Walsingham Section